Saturday, 13 June 2015

Celebrating World Doll Day at Rose Cottage

Celebrating World Doll Day the Rose Cottage Hittys have been preparing for a tea party.

Hitty Joyful and Hitty Leonarda have been busy preparing sandwiches, cakes, scones and teas for the Rose Cottage Tea Rooms.

Hitty Mary Jean still seems to be enjoying a tipple from her birthday celebrations the other day...and is trying to talk Hitty May into having a drink as well, whilst Hitty Moana is busy cleaning.  Hitty Madge is about to intervene in the drinking conversation I think....good luck to her!

Hitty Rimu is off to do some shopping while Hitty Carol Faith discusses the weather with Hitty Scary.  

Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine are busy in the kitchen as usual preparing a feast!


  1. Busy Hitty family as usual - though some appear to be busier than others! I like the cute little wicker shopping cart!

    1. Yes there are always at least a couple who seem to be less busy than the others...quite often Hitty Carol Faith, who at quite opportune moments comes over all faint and has to sit down!

  2. Dear Serenata and the lovely Hitty family,

    Rose cottage is such a delight! We are all enchanted by what we see in this lovely, busy home and could watch and play for hours! Even the boys look in now and again. They like your two sons; and Marmee says it's one of the most charming homes that she has ever seen.

    Marmee is especially interested in the Miss Happiness and Miss Flower project. She loves Ms. Rumer Godden's book, and often reads it to us. Even the boys are interested, because they want to learn how to carpenter like Tom. Besides, they say Jesus was a carpenter so it is a very "noble profession."

    We also love it, because it is about Japanese Dolls, and Marmee is half Japanese, which I guess means that all of us have a little Japanese in us. Marmee wants to say that the new Bonsai tree is beautiful and can't wait to see your Japanese garden. She loves the lovely folding screen that you have in your Japanese room too.

    Michiko, our only Japanese sister right now, also loves it, and do you know we have several daughters, and one son, of Japanese Monsters living here with us? We even have a special Japanese Imperial Dragon spirit who is really wise, and a pair of wonderful Foo Dogs! They also enjoy your Miss Happiness and Miss Flower project. It is so exciting!

    We also love your beautiful clothes. Hitty Ethel is very talented, and we are so excited for Hitty Madge and all the fun adventures she gets to go on. Hitty Madge, your paintings are so pretty! Do you think you could do a Japanese Cherry Blossom picture some day? I bet you could do a really good job!

    We wanted to thank you for letting us watch your wonderful lives and enjoy your perfect doll cottage, and we love the Dozen Roses dresses too. I hope that Hitty Madge sometimes shares her beautiful rose dresses with all of you. We also wanted to thank Ms. Serenata for being such a wonderful landlady and sharing her beautiful home and garden with Rose Cottage, so that you have warmth and pretty places nearby to walk in and enjoy.

    Please tell Ms. Serenata how lucky she is to have tenants as wonderful as the Rose Cottage Hittys, and again thank you so much for letting us come in and visit through your wonderful blog.

    Happy World Doll Day (even if we are a bit late) to all dolls, Marmees and lovely landladies everywhere!

    The Girls of Fern Forest

    1. I think we have read most of Rumer Godden's books now and especially loved Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. Such a delightful story and a fun project as well.

      Sadly our bonsai tree died when we had to leave the care of it the the male person of the household...he is not so good with plants! Perhaps one day we can try again with one.

      Your Japanese family sound delightful and how wonderful your Marmee is half Japanese!

      Hitty Madge will be delighted to try to paint some Japanese Cherry Blossom - perhaps this can be her next project!

      Ms Serenata knows she is very lucky to have us as tenants as we are always good at keeping Rose Cottage, the lodge and tearooms clean and tidy.

      We are so glad you came to visit us.

      Hitty Patience (author of this blog) and all the Hittys at Rose Cottage who send their love to the Girls and family of Fern Forest.


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