Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hitty Joyful is very happy today

Once Hitty Joyful tried the dress on (after having convinced Hitty Moana it just didn't suit her) she has been dancing around ever so happy saying it was made Especially for her...I managed to keep her still for just one photo!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hitty's Birthday Swap & Miles gets dressed!

 We have been so lucky to receive a wonderful swap gift from Robin in USA for 'Hitty's Birthday'

Hitty Moana was the first to try it on, although I think she agrees that red really isn't her colour.

While she was modelling the dress and hat, Hitty Joy tries on the lovely red cloak.

Hitty Joy has asked if she can try the dress on next.

I hope Robin likes the swap gifts we sent to her.

In the meantime Hitty Ethel has been busy making a  little wasistcoat for Miles.

He has been waiting rather a long time for clothes and is pleased he finally has SOMETHING to wear and is of course hoping for a few more clothes.  He would be quite happy with a shirt.

Monday, 28 January 2013

the Yellow Hat Society

Hitty Patience is delighted that the Hittys at Rose Cottage have been admitted into the Yellow Hat Society.

The first hat arrived today and Hitty Patience being the first Hitty to arrive at Rose Cottage has been nominated as the one to wear it.  She gets the meeting room ready to explain all about the Yellow Hat Society to the other Hitty Girls.

Later on when the all arrive she explains what is involved and also explains that they will all need to make a yellow hat to wear when attending the meetings.

"Can't I wear my little Blue Hat with the pretty red flower, that I am wearing now?" Hitty Joy asks.

"I'm afraid not Hitty Joy.  The only condition of being a membership is that Hittys should be wearing yellow hats at meetings and other gatherings, be they private or public when representing the society"  Hitty Patience explains.

"Now how many hats do we need?"  Hitty Patience asks. "Would you all like to make your own, or does someone want to volunteer to make them all?

"We need five hats". Granny Hitty Estelle replies.  "However, I do think we should make a couple of extra hats as I have heard that Hitty Ethel's cousin is coming to stay and I understand that our person might be making another one to join our family."

"I would be happy to make them"  Hitty Ethel tells the others.  "I do tend to do most of the sewing and knitting around here, so would be happy to make them"

"That would be lovely of you Hitty Ethel"  Hitty Patience thanks her.  "But please if you need a hand, don't forget to ask the others".

The wander off discussing the types of hats they should make...

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Carving a Hitty - Part Five

Our person got a fancy machine for Christmas...

Yes, a dremel!  So hopefully the new girl will be finished soon with this extra tool for help.

Anyway, some work was done on her today...

The legs are almost ready now for fine sanding.  More work is needed on the body and arms and of course the face.

We can't wait until our new friend is ready to join us.  I wonder what her name will be.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Arrivals

Much excitement was a foot today as we welcomed two travellers all the way from the USA.  They have been travelling since just before the New Year and were pleased to finally arrive.

Sean Connery and Sandra Bullock made the final leg of their journey on our friendly tortoise, Humphrey. 

They wait outside for a while deciding whether this looks like a suitable residence...checking out the garden, shrubs and herbs available in the garden.  Finding it to their satisfaction, they made their way inside where they were welcomed by the Hittys of Rose Cottage.

Among the welcoming committee where of course myself, Hitty Patience, Hitty Granny Estelle and Hitty Moana.

The Hitty girls hope to help Sean and Sandra settle into their new home, lots needs to be done, and many hands make light work.

These wonderful dolls can be bought here