Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hitty Madge's Surprise!

 Well all the Hittys at Rose Cottage were in for a bit of a shock!

Hitty Madge, normally pretty undemanding, came home with a big surprise for them yesterday.  She decided it was time that they joined the 21st Century.

Oh my goodness!  They gasp.  What have you done Madge, can you drive?  

Well if I can fly a helicopter, then driving a car can't be too difficult! She tells them.

She hops out.  They really can't believe their eyes!

It's a convertible.  She tells them.

A convertible what?  Hitty Mary Jean asks.

Silly!  It is a convertible car, that means you can put the top down.  Ideal for warm summery days.  Madge explains.

But it is winter!  Mary Jean reminds her.

Yes, but it won't ALWAYS be winter. She replies.

Would you like to go for a ride?  I can fit in three at a time.  She says.

Hitty Moana, Hitty Rimu and Hitty Mary Jean hop in while Hitty Phoebe stands by and watches from a safe distance.

Whee!  This is fun calls out Hitty Mary Jean.  I think this is a great idea!

Some time later...Hitty Madge surprises them yet again!

What is this?  Hitty Moana asks?

Well what do you think it is?  Madge replies with a hint of mischievous in her voice.

I've got us a caravan!  

Come inside.  She suggests.

They follow her inside.

Hitty Mary Jean can't quite believe it.

Hitty Moana and Hitty Phoebe have to sit down to take it all in.

She shows them all the 'mod cons' as she calls them.

Mary Jean tries the bed out.

Well?  She asks.

Well!  They all chorus.  But it is winter time!  We can't go camping in winter, it is too wet and cold.

Well we COULD, she replies, but of course you are right, it would be far nicer in the summer.  In the meantime I though we could occupy ourselves over the winter months by making accessories for it, to make our camping experience more comfortable!

It looks like the girls have a winter project!