Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dressed for the colder months

A pleasant morning was had making a couple of dresses for Hitty.

I don't usually make two Hitty dresses the same, but one is for my girl, Hitty Moana, and the other is for a friend's Hitty.

A lovely dress for winter

Hitty Moana is quite pleased to be dressed warmer now.

All the Hitty girls dressed for Winter.

From left to right:

Hitty Patience, Hitty Moana, Hitty Joyful, Hitty Granny Estelle, Hitty Carol Faith and Hitty Ethel.


  1. Beautiful dresses! All of your Hitty girls look so happy to be wearing pretty warm dresses. :o)

  2. They are lovely frocks, perfect for this cool weather!

  3. I really love your family of Hittys! I am fortunate to have 3 Fung Hicks dolls...One is carved from olive wood, another surprise from my daughter! I met Fung at a Hitty gathering years ago and she is one of the sweetest, kindest women I have ever met...


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