Thursday, 12 February 2015


Months ago our person saw what she thought would be a perfect canoe for us Hitty girls to use during the summer months in a local charity shop.  Sadly it had a hefty price tag on it, along with an 'Ebay listing' printed out to highlight how 'valuable' it was...what they didn't realise is this wasn't the price it actually sold for, rather the price the seller hoped to get for it.  As did the charity shop.  We think they are starting to lose sight of what they are supposed to be about.  Well that canoe sat there and sat there and of course didn't sell.  Our person asked if they would reduce the price and they said no, so it sat there and sat there and still didn't track several months and she went in today and it had been reduced in price by 75% . Result!  We now have a canoe!  Of course a couple of the girls couldn't wait to try it out for size, even though the couldn't actually put it on the water at the moment.

Hitty Rimu and Hitty Madge declared it was just perfect!

They can't wait until the warmer weather!


  1. Lovely canoe and perfect. Someone needs to carve them another paddle or else it all falls to one, and that's not an easy job, even for a mighty Hitty! Congrats on the acquisition.

    1. Yes indeed, they will need another paddle, just to make the work a little easier! So pleased with it.

  2. One person can paddle if they sit at the back, but two paddles is much easier on the paddler and on the friendship! The canoe is gorgeous!


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