Monday, 23 May 2016

A Busy Monday

Rose Cottage was buzzing with activity today.

Hitty Mary Jean was helping Becassine tidy up the Boarding house when she found the two shells Hitty Helen R & M had found on Orewa Beach in New Zealand...they must have forgot to pack them so she packaged them up and they are now on their way to them.

Hitty Madge was admiring the purple rhododendrons

She also picked some purple flowers for the vase in their living room.

There, that looks pretty.

Hitty Phoebe is going to go and do some shopping and asks Hitty Moana and Hitty Rimu if they would like to come with her.

Hitty Joyful is busy in the tearoom.

Whilst out side the boys are playing, Hitty Carol Faith is doing what she does best and Hitty Natalie Rose is going to plant some seeds.

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  1. Lovely to see everyone busy and getting things done...I'll bet those Violets have a nice perfume!


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