Saturday, 14 January 2017

Getting the house in order.

It has taken us a while, but we have finally got Rose Cottage back in order after the Christmas holidays.  To think we are two weeks into the New Year already and we have only just managed this!

I have my little office area back and although it can bet a little bit lively up here if the children are listening to stories and Hitty Ethel is busy sewing, it is generally not too bad.  Of course Hitty Madge's art studio is also up on this level.

The library is well stocked with lots of interesting books.  Hitty Annabelle is keeping the little ones entertained today.

Hitty Ethel is pleased to get back to her little sewing room and has a few works on the go.

Downstairs is where we all tend to gather during the day.

The boys Miles and Noel are busy playing with their dinosaurs they got fro Christmas, Rufus is watching them.  Becassine has been helping Hitty Phoebe with the arranging of the flowers in vases.  Hitty Rimu and Hitty Moana fancy a game of chess.

The others are enjoying a good ol' chin wag.

Hitty Mary Jean is heading off to the shops to stock up on supplies.  Hitty Leonarda and Hitty Carol Faith look like they might be up to something....

Anka and Piotr are still making eyes at each other!

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