Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hitty Madge in New Zealand 2017

Well Hitty Madge is back after her time in New Zealand.  She didn't get out as much this year as other things were going on.

She did receive this fabulous cardigan from a dear friend who provided some much needed support while there.

As you can see it is a perfect fit and matches her dress beautifully and up until a few days ago she had refused to take it off.

Hitty Madge says it will always remind her of the beautiful green hues of the Native NZ bush.

While in NZ we did get four days away up North and stayed with a friend just outside of Whangarei.  
She took us for a couple of hikes.  The first of which was up Mt Manaia.

The view from up there was stunning.

Hitty Madge enjoyed just sitting and looking for quite some time, taking all the breathtaking beauty in.

The following day we hiked, climbed and hobbled down to Peach Cove

We had the beach to ourselves.  It was just perfect.


  1. Oooh what a fabulous couple of excursions you were able to take! Madge looks super in her pretty cardigan - what nice friends she has!

  2. So beautiful there - and I can see why Madge loves her new cardigan so much! What a kind friend!


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