Thursday, 31 August 2017

Welcome Home Hitty Madge.

Goodness it has been over three months since I have posted anything here!

Hitty Madge gave us quite the scare, she went missing for almost three weeks I think it was, but finally made an appearance at the Sailor's house a couple of days ago...tears of relief all round that was for sure.

A 'Welcome Home' dress was made for her...

Potters Bear decided it would be  a good idea to keep her company to make sure she didn't stray again.  We could do without any more such scares!

Madge enjoys the company of a little donkey she found wandering in the garden.

So glad you are safe Hitty Madge!


  1. Oh dear, I had no idea that Hitty Madge had gone on walk-about! Glad she is safely home. Be careful, if she thinks she may get a new dress every time she disappears, she may become an escape artist!



    1. It was a very worrying few weeks! She has been told that it is NOT to happen again!


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