Thursday, 22 January 2015

2015 Art Class Week 2

Hitty Madge is pleased to be back in the swing of painting at her weekly art class and had a very productive morning as she painted not one, but two paintings!

She thought she would try something different today...

...and came up with this beach scene.

'Flying a Kite'

She also did a little boat scene as well - experimenting with blues 

I think she was inspired by her dress!



  1. Well done, Madge, your paintings are truly amazing! They are so evocative - that beach scene especially is fantastic, and carries me quite far away from the rain and grey of Winter! I hope you will take some canvases to NZ!!

    1. Thank you! Madge does indeed plan to take her canvases and paints to NZ with her.

  2. I love the kite painting! Lovely Madge!

    1. Thank you, Madge is especially proud of that one.


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