Saturday, 24 January 2015

The arrival of Hitty Rimu.

After a very short journey of a mere three days from the USA to England the Hittys at Rose Cottage were delighted to welcome a newcomer.

Hitty Moana is overwhelmed at the arrival of her long lost sister of the forest, Hitty Rimu (yet to reveal her personal name.  The sisters embrace...

Hitty Madge welcomes Hitty Rimu and says how pleased they are to have her here and suggests they go out in the garden before she removes her beautiful cape and bonnet.

Although there is not a lot of colour at the moment there is evidence of new growth and they all admire the rate at which the daffodils are growing.

They say hello to the resident hedgehog....

Meet the tortoise....

....who is delighted to meet the newcomer.

Hitty Madge introduces Hitty Rimu to Mr and Mrs Mouse who are 'frozen in time'....and explains that sadly Hitty Mischievous attempts to 'restore them to vitality' just didn't succeed.

Still they seem happy enough and Htty Rimu was thrilled to meet them.

Finally a restorative cup of tea.

Hitty Rimu poses for a few arrival photos.

Isn't her cape and bonnet just wonderful?  An unexpected little extra that we are delighted with and I am sure was just what she needed to keep warm on her journey and while out and about during the winter here.

She chose to come in this fabulous dress to remind her of her time in the USA where she was 'born' out of wood from New Zealand.

She has such a wonderful happy looking face and I am sure she will settle in here at Rose Cottage beautifully.

Hitty Rimu was carved and dressed by Bruce & Fung Hicks.


  1. She's a darling...I imagine she and Moana have much to talk about and compare, and many adventures to look forward to together!

    1. She is a darling indeed - I just adore her! They have been talking a dime to a dozen.


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