Wednesday, 1 June 2016

15th Anniversary Challenge - Part One.

Much excitement here at Rose Cottage as Hitty Girls at yahoogroups is celebrating 15 years of fun on July 30th and to build up with this there is a really fun Anniversary Challenge over the next few months.

We are going to be giving a favourite Hitty a very special trunk set.

First of all we have to choose a Hitty - now that is a difficult one!

Do I choose Hitty Madge, who is definitely my favourite girl without a doubt, and whom some may considered 'spoiled' as she has rather a collection of special clothes of her own already.  It must be noted though that she does share these clothes at times, until the borrower gets something special of her own to wear.
Do I choose amongst one of my other special Hittys - as yes they are all special really...

Or do I carve one especially for this challenge.  I do have one 'under the knife' as it were, but my carving mojo is not especially active at the moment.

So therein lies my first dilemma.

The first of the challenges is to find or make a suitable trunk.  This trunk  has to be large and roomy enough to contain all the 15th Anniversary fun items we make, swap or collect.

Well Hitty Madge has made a start choosing a trunk...

Looks like she has found two sizes to choose from...

Will it be the smaller one?

She can lie down in it, but there might not be enough room for all her goodies...

Or the larger one?

This might be better:  a special compartment could be made for her to lie in at one size.

She is not sure yet - we do have another trunk in this size, currently used by another 'small person'  but it has quite a nice quote on it so we may 'swap' trunks.

The second of the challenges is to make a museum quality dress.  This dress needs to be of the quality you would imagine Hitty to be wearing in a museum one day.  So it needs to be quite different from her regular dresses.  It should be made from a natural material - so cotton, silk, bamboo, wool etc...

Well Hitty Madge has called in Hitty Ethel, the Rose Cottage dressmaker to help her choose some suitable fabrics.

I think the unseasonal 'Autumnal' weather today might be influencing them in their choice at the moment.

Not sure if all the materials they have pulled out quite fit the 'completely' natural material at the moment.

They might need to keep looking.


Further challenges are:

Undergarments Swap

1830's to 1860's Bonnet Challenge

Day Dress Swap

Nightgown Challenge
Cape/Shawl Swap

Daycap and Reticule Swap

Quilt Swap

What fun!


  1. I know, so much fun ahead - I am having a hard time making decisions withing my Hitty clan too!

  2. Oh my! This is exciting news. We haven't been to the yahoo group in ages and I was just lamenting about how dusty the Hitty house is. Perhaps these challenges could get us back and inspired. Now would I choose Hitty Flo (the first Hitty here), or Hitty Sol (my secret favorite.) hmmmm...


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