Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Yellow Hat Society Meeting: Sunday 5th June 2016

We held our meeting of the Rose Cottage Yellow Hat Society and much was discussed.

We started with the minutes from our last meeting which was held, goodness just over two years ago!  A lot has happened since then... and we briefly reflect with sadness, but also some happy memories,  the loss of our other main UK Hitty Girls member, Caro and the Wren Cottage Dolls who were a large part of our discussion at the last meeting when we were arranging a meet up.

We moved on to the most important business which was to reinstate the Yellow Hat Society on Hitty Girls.  We have many keen members, both new and old who wish to keep it going.

Hitty Granny Estelle acted as our secretary to take down the minutes.

New membership certificates need to be designed and I nominated Hitty Madge as she is our resident artist.  

Hitty Mary Jean seconded the nomination and also added she would be keen to help as she is 'up with technology' as she put it.

It was suggested that to cut down on postage costs that these new membership certificates be emailed to new members to be printed out - this is a suggestion we will put to the Hitty Girls.

There is to be an Annual General Meeting on the Anniversary of the Hitty Girls Yahoo Group at the end of July.

As can be seen many of our members still do no have hats - this too must be remedied and is to be put on our urgent 'To Do' list.  Hitty Ethel has agreed to get on with this.  Hitty Scary's attention seemed to be wandering, so we suggested she help Hitty Ethel with this task as nine more hats are needed, and perhaps some better designs than our current yellow 'crowns'.  

Hitty Carol Faith said she could perhaps try crocheting some hats with the pattern supplied by Hitty Girls.

It was agreed we will put these few ideas to the Hitty Girls group and regroup with any further ideas and discussions as necessary.  In the meantime we need to get cracking on with the membership certificate.

(Absent from meeting:  Hitty Rimu and Hitty Natalie Rose)

At the conclusion of business we adjourn to the Rose Cottage Tearooms to partake in tea and cake! 


  1. Hitty Pepper is so excited to be a member of the Yellow Hat Society, looks like you had a good meeting and got quite a bit accomplished.

  2. What an excellent meeting - lots discussed and lots planned! I actually like the crowns, it looks like they might have been opening christmas crackers just before the meeting!

  3. How wonderful! Loved reading this! The photos are feast for the eyes. Your Hitty collection has grown! :o)


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