Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Different Kind of Swap

A while back a Flickr and Blogging friend of mine Beth who has a lovely blog,  'By Hook By Hand'  decided to do a doll swap - I had been admiring her crochet dolls very much and wondered if she would like a Hitty doll.  I was delighted when she said she would like to do a swap.

Hitty '9' aka Hitty Serenata was finished and sent on her journey to a new home in the USA.  I really enjoyed this project and had fun making up her wardrobe.

First up we have the poor girl bravely posing in her 'birthday suit' 

She is wearing her red 'coral' necklace.

Profile views.

Next she gratefully puts on a pair of pantaloons.

Some dresses are made for her - to suit the different seasons.

A classic 'Rose dress' as she was 'born' at Rose Cottage and a  pretty spring/summer dress

Something for the cold winter months...and of course a Christmas dress.

A patchwork quilt to keep her warm.

A shawl to ward of the chills.

Her trunk is packed...

She hops in...

Lies down and prepares for her long journey.

She has now arrived safely in her new home and I look forward to reading about her adventures.


  1. Serenata insisted on putting on her shawl, even though it was 90F here today! But, she says it looks so perfect with her rose dress, and she is right! I have her displayed in her trunk, just like you do, with all her lovely dresses. Your seamstress skills are so impressive. I love all of the dresses, and the dear lacy pantaloons.

    Thank you so very much!



  2. What a lovely swap idea - Serenata is prepared for any occasion!


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