Monday, 19 September 2016

A Prize Arrives

On one of the Hitty groups I belong to we had a 'Keep your face to the sunshine' photo challenge.

I made a yellow bee dress for Hitty Madge.

This was the photo we submitted as we didn't have any sunflowers, but these were still a lovely bright yellow.

We were surprised to hear we had won  a prize!

Today a little parcel arrived.

Hitty Madge was very excited as it was addressed to her.

Look at this wonderful bag!

Before long she was spotted walking down the garden with her new little bag on her back.

Oh look there a sweet little ladybird on it as well.

Madge enjoys the roses here at Rose Cottage.  It is getting close to the end of the season now, but there are still some beautiful roses to be seen.

Thank you so much Jane, the bag is absolutely wonderful and we couldn't be more delighted with it.  I think Hitty Madge will be keeping this on for a while yet!


  1. What a totally adorable sunflower rucksack! Madge you are so lucky (and so deserving of the prize too!)

    1. Thank you Kjerstin, we feel very lucky to have won this :-)


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