Thursday, 8 February 2018

Phoebe Out and About - Part Four: The Journal

Hitty Phoebe wanted a journal so that she would have a 'physical' memory of her adventures, not just an online one, especially after seeing Hitty Madge has one.  Of course this led to hunting through our person's notebook stash to find something suitable.

This is what she chose, it doesn't need an embellishing on the cover, it is already really pretty.

She has made a start...

More will be added, but just what yet Phoebe isn't sure.

An introduction page.

She worked on her catalogue card listing things she wanted to do this month... forgetting to actually record she wanted to make a journal!

The card was stuck in her journal to remind her of all she would like to achieve and do.

None of the pages are finished yet...this is just a result of a morning's work.  Now we have to clear the table and tidy up.

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  1. Lovely Journal - it will be nice to have such a beautiful reminder of Phoebe's adventures!


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