Friday, 25 October 2013

Have you heard the news?

Hitty Moana is most pleased as she has heard her sister Hitty Kauri has moved in with TiGGy and knows that they will have the most wonderful times together!  You can read about her arrival and see pictures of Hitty Moana's sister, Hitty Kauri  here...

Hitty Moana sending a picture of herself to her sister.


  1. Oh Wow what an Absolutely Beautiful picture of Lovely Hitty Moana!!! Hitty Kauri is overcome with JoY at such a Beautiful Gesture of Welcome from her Dear Sister Hitty Moana <3 TiGGy is leaping around with Glee and trying to grab the PinKMosT Flower thru the screen, so mind the petals! :) <3 HuGeMosT HuGs and Kissies, LuV TiGGy and a Blushing Happy Hitty Kauri <3 <3

  2. Oh wow! I saw that Tiggy had a new friend, and Hitty Kauri is gorgeous, but I hadn't realized where she came from! Hitty Moana is really beautiful too! How fun! Hittys everywhere!!!


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