Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's grown!

Hitty Madge is enjoying her nature walks.

Oh my look how this toadstool has grown since I last visited it?

I must tell the girls...


  1. That is the Most Amazing toadstool - So Glad Hitty Madge is helping us keep an eye on its gorgeous growth!

  2. Beautiful toadstool you found....Hitty Madge. Maybe on your next visit you will be able to stand under it :)

  3. The quimper Hittys love the toadstool AND Madge's new dress - Constance has an autumnal apron of the same fabric - but no matching pantaloons!

  4. The Quimper Hittys are enjoying the autumn mushrooms too, and Constance has an apron made out of that exact same fabric - but no matching pantaloons!


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