Monday, 27 April 2015

Hitty June says her goodbyes...

Hitty June is about to undertake a big move across the world to Hittyville's Adventure Land where she will be observing a family of unusual tortoises who have suddenly appeared in this animal sanctuary.  Although sad to leave Rose Cottage and her Hitty family she is excited about joining her new family.  So with both sadness but also with joy she says her goodbyes to family and friends at Rose Cottage.

Becassine is busy preparing a farewell dinner and is sad to see Hitty June go.

Hitty June says goodbye to the boys Miles and Noel.  Miles asks Hitty June to show Lewis the card he picked to travel to Hittyville with her.

The Hittys all gather to say their farewells.  There is much hugging and kissing and a few tears.

Hitty Madge gives her sister a big hug and tells her she is a very lucky Hitty to be going on such an adventure and wishes her all the best in her new home.

Hitty June also says a fond goodbye to Brittany.

It can be hard moving so far away from 'home' but a new home is always to be made with new friends and family and where there is love there is a home.  Hitty June we at Rose Cottage will miss you, but know you will be very happy in your new home.


  1. My heart is so happy that Hitty June will be joining all of us in Hittyville. I am sure she will keep in touch with her old friends once she gets settled! I have always loved Hitty Madge and never imagined her sister would find her way to us. Our doll worlds are truly filled with magic. Thank you again, dear Lorraine!

  2. Oh, Goodbye Hitty June - Have fun in the tortoise sanctuary!


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