Sunday, 12 April 2015

Yahoo Groups and The Garden

Here at Rose Cottage we are all feeling rather miffed at Yahoo Groups at the moment as it seems they have um stuffed (read a ruder word if you wish) again.  We can no longer receive emails from the groups.  We set up a forwarding Gmail account, but then we can't reply to the emails we receive into our regular email inbox.  The only way we can do so is to log into our new Gmail account and read and send from there which we didn't want to do as it kind of defeats the purpose of wanting to read and reply to emails at our leisure without having to go on line too much so to avoid too much time on the computer as this contributes to our persons chronic pain problems.  Technology!  Seems Yahoo are working hard to stuff up their groups and put people off wanting to use them.  These aren't the first of their 'improvements' or whatever some person who seems to feel the need to 'upgrade' etc... to justify their jobs does. Well being Hittys we have come to the conclusion that this is all just too much for us at the moment and hope our Hitty friends will still keep in contact - we will miss the ongoing fun that happens on the group but until Yahoo resolve this issue, it is just too convoluted to get round it.

Anyway onto better things.  Upon Hitty Madge's return from 'Down Under' in New Zealand, Hitty Rimu took her on a tour of the garden at Rose Cottage to see and admire all the spring growth.  Of course we will need to put in a request that the front lawn is mowed as it is rather long!

Admiring the little violets.

The magnolia smells heavenly.

Primroses are starting to flower again.

Gorgeous purples!


  1. Hittys and gardens = perfection!

    1. It is indeed, especially in spring time!


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