Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hitty Madge visits Verulamium

We are having some amazing April weather.  The temperatures are lovely and the sky is a fabulous blue.  Hitty Madge enjoyed an outing today in St Albans and visited the Amphitheatre ruins.  Built about 140AD this theatre is the only example of its kind - being a theatre with a stage rather than an amphitheatre -  in England so we feel very lucky that they are so close to us to visit. The arena area would have been used for anything from religious processions, dancing, wrestling, armed combat and wild beast shows.  Later, around 180AD the stage came into great use and the auditorium was extended and by approximately 300AD the theatre could seat about 2000 spectators due to redevelopment work that had taken place.

There are some newer excavations which reveal a row of shop foundations, a Roman Villa and a secret shine, all dating from around the First Century.


  1. How fantastic! My Archaeologist husband sometimes takes Tansy on his projects...She and Madge should get together and compare notes some time!

    1. Oh how exciting it must be for Tansy! Yes they must!


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