Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hitty Madge visits Windsor Castle

Hitty Madge had a really lovely day out yesterday - it was cold so she was well wrapped up in her red cloak, but the sky was a glorious blue!

The destination was Windsor Castle

She had hoped to visit the Queen....

She waited patiently at the gates...

But it seems the Queen wasn't to be seen.

Never mind it provided the perfect backdrop.

Hitty Madge had a little friend keeping her company today.

This castle really is quite spectacular.

Lots of other photos, but this is it for now.

A very enjoyable day out.


  1. Enjoyed seeing the castle. Sorry Hitty Madge didn't get to see the QUEEN.

  2. The weather seemed perfect for photographing the castle, although rather chilly. I am glad to see the girls were warmly wrapped up, and hope that restorative cups of tea were part of the expedition!

  3. How beautiful is that sky! I really enjoyed the photos - it's always a pleasure to see your rambles around the UK.

  4. Oh what fun! I'm impressed that you are getting out and about so much with the dolls lately. Love all the photos.

  5. Beautiful back ground for your photos. What a pity Hitty Madge couldn't meet up with the Queen. Wouldn't it by the envy of all Hitty's to have the Queen hold Hitte Madge and take the photo!


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