Monday, 18 January 2016

Rose Cottage Boarding House is open for business.

Following on from the big meeting held here at Rose Cottage a couple of weeks ago with regards the opening of the Rose Cottage Boarding House, Hitty Ethel has been busy at work with preparations.

She has been measuring up beds to work out the sizes needed for bedding.

She has a very good eye and doesn't need a tape measure!

She has been preparing dressers.

Making sure the lounge is in order.

Busy sewing, and sewing....

Meanwhile Hitty Mary Jean has been reading one of Esther Robertson's wonderful books to the Hitty girls.

They have been very much enjoying 'A Visit to Judy Brown's Shop'

Eventually the bedding is made.

The mattress is put on the bed

Sheets, blanket and pillow

Finally a quilt is laid on top. 

Rose Cottage Boarding House is open for business!

Any budding travelling Hittys looking for adventure please get in touch with Hitty Madge for further details and to make arrangements.

(Email address on profile)


  1. Oh my gosh! They've worked so hard to get all ready - I really like the sewing room picture, and the dresser all arranged, and of course the bed all made up with sparkling white sheets and quilt! Any Hitty would be well looked after here - I can tell!

  2. You have nice furniture and set up the rooms nicely. A well made bed too! A Hitty would enjoy visiting Rose Cottage.


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