Sunday, 3 January 2016

Our Plans for the Year.

Hitty Patience here...I have managed to gather all the Rose Cottage Hittys together to have a meeting about our plans for this New Year.    We have managed to take down all the Christmas decorations - a little earlier than we usually do, but want to get on with things.  We are leaving the lights up for a little longer as they brighten the place up on dull dark and rainy days.  

I have an agenda to work through and asked the girls for suggestions.

They all thought new clothes would be a good idea - of course - but poor Hitty Ethel said that she felt they had enough for now and perhaps underwear was more of the priority as she had heard that some were without - yet all claim to be wearing some!

We are expecting a new arrival at some stage - she booked her passage last year but there have been delays and she will need some underwear and a new dress - so perhaps we can set to achieve that in meantime so it is ready and waiting for her.

Hitty Madge and Hitty Joyful are hoping that they can open up the Hitty Cottage Boarding House and Tea Rooms to visitors this year - after the success of Hitty Mischievous unexpected visit in 2014 (was it really that long ago?!) they are quite excited about having others come to stay.

We were all unanimous in that proposal and will work towards getting a room ready for the Boarding House's first visitor.

Much work has to be done as can be seen in this photo taken last year when Hitty Natalie arrived - bedding is seriously needed!

So if any intrepid and budding travelling Hittys wish to come and visit - our doors are open.

The Rose Cottage Hittys.


  1. We keep our Fairy lights up all year! The Quimper Hittys are Very Excited about the Boarding house project!!!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful idea - I think they might plan to keep them up all year as well now they have heard that others do :-)

  2. We keep lights up, too! Our person loves lights and they do brighten the rooms. :)


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