Friday, 14 November 2014

Current goings on....

Hitty Ethel has been busy sewing today.  She has made the first of the Christmas dresses.  Once she realised just how many she had to make to keep all the girls at Rose Cottage happy, she thought she better get on with them!

She needs to make 11 more!  Oh and one for our special visitor who may possibly be staying for Christmas as she has had to have her stay extended due to unforeseen circumstances at her home in the USA.

She has also made a warm winter cloak for the 'Cuddle Up Winter Cloak/Cape Swap' over on Hitty Girls that we are taking part in.

There have been two unfortunate accidents in Rose Cottage recently as well....

I (Hitty Patience) fell from a great height and broke my foot - it seems that the bit that broke off is missing so I am awaiting surgery to see if something can be done to help me.   Plus poor Miles is currently in traction as his arms fell off!  Yes isn't that just so terrible.  Poor boy...perhaps he will be out of hospital in time to meet his new brother... who is currently a WIP!

For those waiting on a Hitty Mischievous update....hopefully this weekend, more will be revealed.... 


  1. What a rash of injuries in the Hitty world - our sympathies are certainly with you as you recover! We applaud your diligence as a seamstress...not sure the MFC will be receiving any new Christmas dresses, but look forward to seeing yours.

    1. We are pleased to say that Miles is was also discovered during surgery that his legs had become 'dislocated' as well so he has been given new ligaments! Technology and medical advances nowadays, isn't it marvellous?!

      The Hittys haven't received Christmas dresses before so this is a first...we got the idea from those Sasha girls who all had a Christmas dress made for them last year!

  2. I am so happy to see the calm and dedicated Hitty Ethel stitching away - hard to be a centre of tranquility when havoc and mayhem surround you in the Hitty cupboard! I am sure the dresses will be appreciated!

  3. Your Hitty Friends are very busy these days!


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