Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Part Five....What was the spell for?

What spells were being conjured the other day you may be wondering?

Shall we go outside to find out....

It seems Hitty Madge had introduced Hitty Perdita Mischievous to Mr & Mrs Mouse 

However, Hitty Perdita was horrified to discover that they were 'frozen in time' and was determined to do something about it.

Hitty Madge listened while Hitty Perdita Mischievous told them all about how she had managed to magic her way to England and so therefore she must surely have the skills to 'unfreeze' them....

Was she successful we wonder?


  1. Oh dear the poor mice!

    1. Indeed...but what is to become of them I wonder?


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