Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Part Seven - A Day Out.

Hitty Madge thought it was prudent to take Miss Hitty Perdita Mischievous out for the day.  She had heard that the local garden centre had its Christmas display up already and was sure that would prove to be plenty of distraction for Miss Hitty Mischievous....

Just look at these giant ice creams!  Can we eat them?  Hitty Mischievous asks.

I don't think so dear....Hitty Madge says.

Perhaps we could make them edible?  Hitty Mischievous says with a twinkle in her eye....

Hitty Madge quickly directs her elsewhere...

Oh just look, isn't it Magical?  Hitty Mischievous exclaims.

They sit and watch the polar bears.

The baby rides the adult!

They sit awhile....

Hitty Mischievous has found some luggage...she thinks that the destination sounds like another great place to visit!

Fortunately Hitty Madge gets there just in time..

Oh no Hitty Mischievous, you can't go to the South Pole... you have to go home to the USA soon, to your original destination....what WOULD we tell Susan if you decided to take a detour to the South Pole on the way?  You come down here at once!  Hitty Madge orders her down.

Look you can pretend this is a bit like the South Pole.  Hitty Madge tells Hitty Mischievous.  Here we have a little polar bear....

They pose in front of the Penguins.  

Hitty Madge then decides it might be better to show Hitty Mischievous the plants instead....

Wow, look at these oranges!  Hitty Mischievous tries to reach up to pick one, but fortunately can't quite reach.

These are more easily reached.

Hitty Mischievous is tempted...but then decides it would be better not to pick.

Oh look a frog!

Will you turn into a prince if I kiss you?  She asks.

What is this creature?  She asks Hitty Madge

This is a badger.  Hitty Madge tells her.

Will you let me ride you?  Hitty Mischievous whispers in the badgers ear.

Hitty Mischievous is given a ride by the kindly badger.

It was soon time for them to make their way home.

Once home Hitty Madge takes Hitty Mischievous to see the beautiful garden just up the road from Rose Cottage.

All year round there is something beautiful to look at, and even now in November the garden is a colourful delight.

They do some good old fashioned posing in front of the various flowers.

They sit awhile.

The admire the colours.

It is simply beautiful

What a lovely day they had, if not fraught with a few worrying moments for Hitty Madge who had to keep Hitty Mischievous' enthusiasm in check!


  1. Such a fun outing! I think Hitty P. Mischievous needs to go to witch school!

    1. I think she does as well! Poor Hitty Madge certainly has her hands full.


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