Monday, 17 November 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Part Nine - The Mice....

Hitty Mischievous has finally had a chance to sneak out and check up on the mice....  she takes Hitty Leonarda with her...

Oh my dear!  You are still 'Frozen in Time', she laments sadly as she gives Mrs Mouse a hug.

Never mind Hitty Mischievous, I am sure we can do something together to help... Hitty Leonarda assures her.

They start to weave a spell....when suddenly they hear footsteps behind them.

They turn round, and stand in front of Mr and Mrs Mouse.

What are you two up to?  Hitty Madge asks.

What us?  Hitty Mischievous asks back.

Umm...we aren't doing anything.  Hitty Leonarda answers....  We thought we would just check how many leaves needed um, racking up.

Are you sure that is what you are doing?  Hitty Madge asks.... 

Why of course, the two chorus together.

Hitty Madge walks off....

No sooner has Hitty Madge turned her back...

She turns around quickly...

Yes?  The girls ask innocently.

Hitty Madge stares at them for a second or two...  then says 

'Well don't get up to any tricks and don't stay out too long as it is not very warm and is going to pour with rain again soon.

We won't and okay!  The girls reply together.

Of course the minute her back is turned again...


  1. I'm sure they are too...yet Hitty Mischievous appears so innocent. Not.

    1. Far from innocent it seems....who would have guessed?

  2. Oh dear, I predict more ructions! Hold on to your hats!


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