Sunday, 30 November 2014

Let's go riding....

We were all thrilled to be given a wonderful horse from the Wren Cottage Hittys

Hitty Mary Jean was allowed to ride it first....Hitty Madge said she could borrow her cowboy hat she got in Arizona in June.

I can make your horse come alive  Hitty Mischievous says as she raises her hands....

Uh oh....

Hitty Madge comes to rescue and explains perhaps making a horse come alive INSIDE Rose Cottage is not such a good idea!  (She also is secretly thinking about previous attempts to make things come alive....

Saturday, 29 November 2014

UK Hitty Girls celebrate Thanksgiving in honour of their American Friends and Guest.

Early yesterday morning the girls were busy getting the room ready for their Hitty Thanksgiving in honour of their American friends and guest Hitty Perdita Mischievous.

They busied themselves at the table, laying out food, plates, cutlery and crockery,

The first guests to arrive were the Peach Tree Hittys

Hitty Perdita Mischievous was given a seat at the head of the table.

They waited patiently for their other guests to arrive

and hoped that the Wren Cottage Hittys will remember some extra seating!

Some time later,

All had arrived!  They did bring two bench seats with them, which helped but there was still some who had to sit on the floor, but they were okay about that.

A very enjoyable feast was had for sure.

Much talking, eating and drinking went on.

Lovely food

Great company!


The guest of honour thoroughly enjoyed herself....

...and managed to restrain herself from trying any magic tricks!

Hittys from left to right behind the table.

Annabelle, Ethel, Carol Faith with Grzel on her lap, Sarah, Becassine , Mrs Hepzibah Beaucamp, Keiko, Rosina, Scary, June, Lottiepeg, Gisella, Granny Estelle with the green pot,  Moana, Thankful with Ettie just in front of her, Wendy, Leonarda, Mary Jean, 'G' Morag, Cherry & Lucy.

Seated at the table starting from Madge and working round anti clockwise, 

Madge, Pedita Mischievous, Patience, Joyful, Sophia, Tabitha, Grandma Mags, Robina and Cora.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Peanut Fabric Swap & Christmas Dresses

Hitty Ethel was delighted when a little parcel arrived in the post the other day.

The Christmas 'peanut swap' had she could get sewing some more Christmas dresses.

These are the fat quarters that we sent as part of the swap.  Everyone sent in two fat quarters and then these were cut into four and sent out as 'peanuts'.  

So her sewing machine was smoking today as she sewed up a storm

Nine dresses made and four to go!

Myself (Hitty Patience), Hitty Scary, Hitty Mary Jean and our guest Miss Hitty Perdita Mischievous are still awaiting theirs!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Some more sewing....

While some of the Hitty Girls were out yesterday Hitty Ethel got on with some sewing.

She finished another Christmas dress...

...this time with gingerbread men on it.

She also made the dress for the Hitty Girls, 'Warm Winter Dress' Swap.  
But of course that can't be shown yet!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Part Ten - Visiting the Peachtrees Hittys

Hitty Mischievous had an invitation to join Hitty Madge, Hitty Moana and Hitty Mary Jean in visiting the Peachtrees Hittys.  

She was in for a few delights - so many things to enchant a Hitty such as her.


What's this?  Potions & Spells?  She wonders.....Just my kind of place!

Hitty Mischievous couldn't quite believe her eyes...

Was THIS THE Hogwarts?

It certainly looked like she had arrived!  But straight into the THIRD year?  Really?

The other girls are completely oblivious to her excitement as they meet and greet each other.

The start chatting....

...when Hitty Mischievous notices a little Hitty sitting down.

Why what is the matter?  Can't you stand up?  She asks.

No not really, replies Hitty Wendy.

Oh I can fix that!  Hitty Mischievous says excitedly at the thought of an opportunity for a spell...

She raises her arms and starts to chant....

Fortunately Hitty Madge realises what is happening and steps in just at the right moment,

But look!  Hitty Mischievous exclaims.

She is standing!  My magic worked!  

It turns out that Hitty Mary actually had helped Hitty Wendy to stand up.

So what shall we do?  

Let's make some red coral necklaces!  Quite a few of us need one.  Hitty Morag suggests.

The girls sit down while they work out just who needs one.

They set to work, patiently trying to thread their needles, which proved impossible!  In the end it was discovered it was just as easy to simply thread the beads straight onto the nylon.

Hitty Mischievous looks at all the colourful beads...

She sits down in front of the red beads and decides threading them on one by one, sounds too much like hard work and instead thinks she will do it her way....with a spell or two!

Ta da! 

 Well not quite a red coral necklace Hitty Mischievous - what went wrong?!

She certainly looks a little surprised at the result!

The other girls are all sporting their new necklaces... wait a minute where is Hitty Mary Jean?

Ah that is better there she is, along the back row.

Hitty Mary Jean, Hitty Mary, Hitty Wendy, Hitty Morag and Hitty Cherry are all very pleased with their new necklaces....Hitty Perdita Mischievous is not so sure...but she is pretending it was intentional!

Later on when the girls get home....

Hitty Mary Jean tells the Rose Cottage Hittys about their day out.

She shows us her necklace....

and then she shows us Hitty Mischievous' necklace and explains that was the result of trying to take the easy way out!

But I LIKE it.... Hitty Mischievous claims!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Hitty Mischievous Visit - Part Nine - The Mice....

Hitty Mischievous has finally had a chance to sneak out and check up on the mice....  she takes Hitty Leonarda with her...

Oh my dear!  You are still 'Frozen in Time', she laments sadly as she gives Mrs Mouse a hug.

Never mind Hitty Mischievous, I am sure we can do something together to help... Hitty Leonarda assures her.

They start to weave a spell....when suddenly they hear footsteps behind them.

They turn round, and stand in front of Mr and Mrs Mouse.

What are you two up to?  Hitty Madge asks.

What us?  Hitty Mischievous asks back.

Umm...we aren't doing anything.  Hitty Leonarda answers....  We thought we would just check how many leaves needed um, racking up.

Are you sure that is what you are doing?  Hitty Madge asks.... 

Why of course, the two chorus together.

Hitty Madge walks off....

No sooner has Hitty Madge turned her back...

She turns around quickly...

Yes?  The girls ask innocently.

Hitty Madge stares at them for a second or two...  then says 

'Well don't get up to any tricks and don't stay out too long as it is not very warm and is going to pour with rain again soon.

We won't and okay!  The girls reply together.

Of course the minute her back is turned again...