Monday, 25 April 2016

Hitty Helens enjoy a final visit to the Rose Cottage Tea Room.

Sadly the time has come for the Rose Cottage Hittys to say goodbye to their guests Hitty Helen R and Hitty Helen M.  Of course they couldn't leave without first having morning tea in the Rose Cottage Tea Room with the NZ girls, Hitty Moana and Hitty Rimu.

Hitty Helen R enjoys a cup of tea and sandwiches with Hitty Rimu who is enjoying hearing all about her place of origin.

Hitty Helen M along with Hitty Moana, have already finished their sandwiches and are on to their cakes.  They are enjoying a laugh with Hitty Joyful - especially when Hitty Helen M relives her experience with the giant insect!

They will be busy the rest of the morning packing their things and saying their goodbyes to the rest of the Rose Cottage Hittys.

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  1. What a unique and wonderful experience! The Helens have had such an interesting trip!


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