Thursday, 7 April 2016

New Zealand Adventures - Part Two - Meeting Friends & Omeru Scenic Reserve

One lovely afternoon Hitty Helen R, Hitty Helen M and Hitty Madge went with their person to visit her friend.

They enjoyed sitting beside the charming fish pond to watch the fish.

The sun was shining and the fish were enjoying the food sprinkled in for them.

The girls gazed across the paddocks..

...and enjoyed a swing on the chair with their friends Wren and Linnet who were also catching up with each other after almost a year apart.

Later on they ventured up to Omeru Scenic Reserve to see the waterfalls.

They sat in front on Waitangi Stream Cascade and enjoyed listening to the water.

It was such a lovely afternoon.

Hitty Helen M

Hitty Helen R

Hitty Madge

The waterfalls were looking great - although it had been a hot summer there had also been enough rain at times to ensure the waterfalls were showing to full advantage.

The water truly sparkled!


  1. Waterfalls- how beautiful and absolutely marvellous that you could visit friends and familiar places! The girls look like they enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

  2. Lovely scenery and the Hitty's stayed dry!


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