Friday, 8 April 2016

New Zealand Adventures - Part Three: Heading North & Waro Rocks

Monday 14th March was the perfect day to head north.  Our person planned to drive up to visit her friend in Whangarei for a few days and then head up to Kerikeri for a couple of days.  We were very excited as had heard all about both Whangarei and Kerikeri from Hitty Madge who went last year.

We had a good view of the road ahead.

On the way up Highway 16 we stopped at a lovely look out point and could see the Kaipara Harbour in the distance.

The scenery was stunning and our person felt quite emotional seeing it again - it bought back some wonderful memories of various trips she has made in the past.

Here we are - you can't beat the blue sky with hills and harbour in the background.

It was a bit hard posing with the three of us!

Our person's friend Rosemary lives on 10 acres just outside of Whangarei and has a beautiful property that backs on to hills.

Her garden was looking lovely.

We enjoyed having a tour of the garden.

A perfect Hitty sized pumpkin!

Lovely flowers in the garden.

The following day Rosemary took us out to see the Waro Rocks, LakeWaro and walk round the Yvonne Stewart track.  You can just see us sitting on the size.  A close up was taken, but well it didn't flatter us one iota - we were just blurs so we decided to omit that picture.

The History of the Lake can be read about here.

This beautiful lake has been made from what was the quarry at what is now this lovely Scenic Reserve.  More can be read about it here and here.

Isn't it just beautiful?

The rocks were all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Round the other side of the lake we stop for a breather and to take in the view.

This is one of the smaller rocks!

We felt rather small ourselves sitting on it.

There were some informative boards along the walk for us to learn about the history of the place.


Some Black Shags and a pair of Paradise ducks enjoying the lake.

More to come tomorrow...


  1. The paradise ducks have found the heavenly place to live. The rocks and lake are so interesting, restorative and tranquil seeming. I loved the wee pumpkin!

  2. How interesting this all is. I love adventures and I'm sure you and the Hittys had a great time.


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