Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Two Hitty Helens' New Zealand Adventures - Part One: The Journey and Orewa Beach

Way back on 22nd February, Hitty Helen R and Hitty Helen M set off with Hitty Madge to New Zealand.

They pose for their photograph in front of the Air New Zealand plane they are soon to board.

A closer look at the aircraft.   

It is going to be a very long flight and they hope they can sleep through most of it.

They wait patiently in the lounge ready to board.

As if by magic they arrive and  before they know it they are sitting on Orewa Beach  late afternoon a few days later having fish and chips, including kumera chips which were quite a novelty to them.

They are amazed at the size of the beach and the expanse of sand and can't wait to go back another day.

Their wish is soon to be granted it seems.

They can't wait to get down on to the beach...

The two Hitty Helens are so delighted with the warm weather.

The three girls spent a pleasant 1/2 hour wandering along the beach before it was time to venture back.


  1. I am glad to see some of the pictures from New Zealand. It looks like the 3 of them are having a grand time.

  2. Lovely photos. What a great visit for the two Helen's. I can't resist Fish'n'chips.


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