Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hitty Helens go to see the Bluebells.

If you go down to the woods today...'ll be sure to see Bluebells!

Hitty Madge took the two Hitty Helens to Ashridge Estate to see the Bluebells on Monday.

They aren't quite fully out yet, but the sight and scent of them was still absolutely delightful.

They enjoyed them so much.

They are so pretty.

Just sitting for a while...taking in the beauty.

They hope to go again on Friday before they have to start packing this weekend for their homeward journey ... but the weather forecast isn't the best....

At least they didn't miss them.


  1. Such beautiful photos. Your Hitty Helens and Hitty Madge were so lucky to visit and smell the bluebells. Thank for posting. Lovely photos.
    Celia C,

  2. Those woods are just so heavenly beautiful - how fortunate the Helens and Madge are to have you take them there!

  3. Oh, how lovely! Breathtaking. To be a Hitty is your household is an blessing!

  4. What a magical place! It looks like an enchanted forest! Your sweet Hitty girls looks so happy to see such abounding beauty.


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