Tuesday, 9 February 2016

An Afternoon Stroll

The sun finally showed its face today so Hitty Madge took the two Hitty Helen's to our local park.  

They were well wrapped up warm as although the sun was out, it was very cold!

Looking down into the park.

Chatting about the litter they found just the other side of this plant and what a shame it was that people didn't take more care of their environment.

This tree has been dead a long time but makes quite a feature throughout the year and is named the 'Wildlife Tree' due to all the different wildlife flora and fauna that make it their home.

They sit and watch the ducks on one of the ponds.

I quite think they enjoyed a jolly good natter as well!

Hitty Helen Robertson found some snowdrops. 

More snowdrops!  Hitty Helen Miller, leaned in to see if they had any scent.

Hitty Helen R found some very pretty yellow blossom that she said reminded her of sunshine and summer.  

Hitty Helen M found another flowering plant whose name escapes us at the moment - we used to have the green version in our garden.

Doing some more sitting while they watch some birds on the water.  There seemed to be more birds than usual, and some were taking quite an interest in each other!  Perhaps Spring is on its way?

In the distance  can be seen what used to be Oakmere House, of which Oakmere Park were its grounds,  but is now a 'Beefeater' Restaurant

Hello Crow!

The girls enjoyed their afternoon walk.


  1. Beautiful scenery as well as beautiful dolls. This is my second comment. I'm hoping they go through.

  2. I lovely afternoon enjoyed by all I am sure. Happy memories for the three of them.

  3. What a beautiful place!

    1. It is lovely and even nicer in May when all the rhododendrons are in bloom.

  4. The albums of pictures are wonderful. I do so enjoy reading about and seeing my Hitty Helen. Thanks for such a good job taking care of my girl.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the photos of your girls holiday.

  5. The mystery flower is hellebore, also known as Lenten rose. They grow in my garden in Kentucky, but are just barely in bud, as are my snowdrops. But I expect my Hitty Helen (Bullard) will enjoy them enormously, once they do burst forth! I am glad all your Hittys and their guests are having such wonderful adventures.

    Susan in Kentucky

    1. That's right it is too! Thank you for reminding me of the name Susan.


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