Friday, 12 February 2016

The Peach Tree Hittys come to meet the visitors.

The Peach Tree Hittys came round for a visit today to see meet the visitors to Rose Cottage Boarding House.

Hitty Coral and Hitty Cherry had agreed to meet the two Hitty Helens at the Rose Cottage Tea Rooms.

Hitty Coral and Hitty Helen M enjoy some sandwiches with their cup of tea while Hitty Joyful serves them.

Hitty Cherry and Hitty Helen R enjoy some cakes.  They decided they fancied something sweet.

The other Hittys enjoyed catching up with each other.

Annie joins Hitty Annabelle, the little ones and Bethany for story time. 

Hitty Laura and Hitty May sit down for a cup of tea with Hitty Carol Faith and Hitty Mary Jean, but seems they can't get a word in edgeways such is the animated discussion.

Hitty Morag and Hitty Leonarda catch up with each other and partake a bit of a 'tipple' 


  1. What a delightful visit! Thanks for recounting it, we love to see the Hittys making friends and feeling so at home!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I bought that in Kerikeri I think it was last year, or possibly the year before. Will be back in NZ in just over a weeks time! Not sure where you are based, but it would be amazing if the Hitty girls could catch up with the Kowhai Corner Hittys!


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