Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hitty Helen gives out gifts.

The Hittys here at Rose Cottage have become very 'English' in their ways since coming to live her and as such know just how to line up forming an orderly 'queue'  as they wait to greet Hitty Helen and welcome her to their home.

They all want to give her a welcome hug she in turn surprises them with a wonderful gift each.

She thanks Hitty Joyful for the wonderful tea, sandwiches and cakes that awaited her arrival and tells her she feels very sustained now.

Hitty Joyful is delighted Hitty Helen enjoyed them and hopes she has a wonderful holiday with them.

Hitty Natalie Rose is thrilled to get a gift basket as well.

The Kiwi girls, Hitty Rimu and Hitty Moana welcome Hitty Helen.

Hitty Rimu is so excited about the gift and Hitty Moana says thank you to Hitty Helen for her generosity.

The girls are all a twitter, they never expected to receive a gift and are thrilled to bits.

We all gather round.  Cousins Hitty Annabelle and Hitty Ethel open their basket together to reveal paper dolls.

What we shall all have with these.

Fun and practical!  Thank you so much Hitty Helen for your kindness.

A picture of the lovely little paper doll set.


  1. How nice of Hitty Helen to bring a gift for each and everyone!

    1. It was very nice and extremely thoughtful, the Rose Cottage Hittys feel very lucky indeed.

  2. What a nice visitor - everyone can have fun and play quietly if it rains!

    1. Always good to have something to play with on a wet day!

  3. wonderful photos of your lovely girls greeting Helen!

  4. That's a nice surprise that there was something in the baskets. The paper dolls look so cute.


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