Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day

There was much giggling going on in Rose Cottage today...

It appears the girls have some secret admirers!

They got Valentines Day cards!

Hitty Helen R, was surprised to get one and proudly shows it off.

Hitty Helen M was also surprised, but thrilled to get one.

Hitty Natalie Rose is very happy and can't stop smiling!

The girls place their cards on the side table.

Aren't they lovely cards?

The two Hitty Helen's stand and admire them and try to guess who they could be from.

Happy Valentine's Day Hitty Friends!


  1. We love you! Happy Valentine's Day to the Denizens of Rose Cottage and their visitors!

  2. What beautiful and dainty Valentines! I know most Hittys have a host of admirers, but someone has made an extra special effort this Valentine's Day!


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