Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hitty Helen Robertson Arrives!

Just as we hoped the travel compartment of our second guest arrived the following day...

We are excited to meet her and can hear a few muffled noises coming from inside.

Hitty Madge carefully cuts open the seal

We pull back the doors

Hi there! Cries a friendly voice.

Hitty Helen R has arrived!  We had been eagerly awaiting her arrival after reading about her journey preparations here...

We welcome Hitty Helen R... and tell her that we have TWO Hitty Helen's staying with us - how funny is that?  

Hitty Madge embraces her.

'Look, I brought my passport!' She tells them.

'You'll need that for when we go to New Zealand'  Hitty Madge tells her.

Come on, I am sure you are parched after your long journey.  First stop Rose Cottage Tea Room, where Hitty Joyful is looking forward to meeting you.

Hitty Joyful is delighted to welcome another Hitty Helen to stay with them.  Hitty Helen M is busy chatting to whom she has discovered is her long lost twin Hitty Michaela - they were amazed to see the resemblance to each other!

Hitty Joyful is very attentive and keeps the teapot full of fresh tea.  

Refreshed from her journey Hitty Helen R, joins the other Hittys in the large living room where they are all gather and spends some time getting to say hello to them all.

They are all very excited about the good times they are going to have together!


  1. Yippee! Another safe arrival! This is great fun! Thanks for sharing

  2. It must be a relief to have the two Helens both safely arrived and ready to play! I am glad (but not at all surprised) to see the warm and friendly welcome from the Rose Cottage girls. Have fun!

    1. It is always reassuring when they arrive safely! They are going to have a lot of fun I am sure.

  3. The friendly Rose Cottage Hittys have given another warm welcome to Helen R. There will be lots of talking going on now.

    1. Yes there is always a lot of talking going on that is for sure!


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