Monday, 1 February 2016

Our First Visitor to Rose Cottage Boarding House has Arrived!

The excitement here in Rose Cottage reached a high this morning as the first, yes you heard right, the first of not one, not two, but possibly THREE visitors to Rose Cottage Boarding House arrived.  This was most unexpected.... seems the thought of  visiting us here in England and then travelling with Hitty Madge  to New Zealand is a very popular destination indeed.

So anyway....who was the first to arrive we wondered?

Hitty Mary Jean gets the scissors to help open the travelling box.

Oh wow look!  Our visitor is from the United States of America!  How very exciting!

Lots of white polystyrene peanuts to protect and soften the journey.

Hitty Rimu, Hitty Madge, Hitty Mary Jean and myself, Hitty Patience start trying to clear the way.

First we discover all these amazing little baskets - this was certainly unexpected and very exciting.

We put them aside for now so we can see who is in her special travel pouch.

We are delighted to see she knows how to travel in style.

Untying and lifting the lid and there is Hitty Helen.

We welcome her to England.  She is a little bewildered after her long journey.

To give her a chance to recover before meeting the rest of the Hittys we take her to the Rose Cottage Tea Room where Hitty Joyful has been making her some sandwiches and cakes and of course the ever needed cup of tea.

Enjoying some sustenance, Hitty Helen appreciates a bit of a quiet chat.  She is very pleased to have arrived safely after her long journey.


  1. We are so excited for you! What a wonderful beginning to what I am certain will be LOTS if Hity fun at Rose Cottage Boarding House (and beyond!)

  2. Thank you! It is all rather exciting - and sure to keep me inspired and busy :-)

  3. I am thrilled my Hitty Helen arrived in England to such a warm greeting. I can relax now.

    1. It is always a relief when they arrive safely!

  4. Three guests! They will have a magnificent time, for sure! Hitty Jean is watching and only a little bit green!

    1. Possibly! Very exciting that is for sure. We haven't heard if the third has left yet...but the second should arrive any day now hopefully...

    2. It is wonderful to have foreign guests arrive.

  5. Well Hitty Helen has received a great welcome by the Rose Cottage Hittys. They will be able to fill up the baskets when they go on visits.


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