Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hitty Raikes arrives

Now this is the life, relaxing in the shade in the garden on a warm sunny day.

Oh dear, is that the time, I better go and get ready to meet my new friend.

Fortunately I have this nice dress that I am wearing already. 

Such a pretty fabric.

Oh I am so excited, I have been waiting ages for her to arrive, in fact my person said she had fully expected Hitty Raikes to arrive before I did as she was sent USPS, but we have learnt that anything sent Priority Post from the US actually takes at least two - three weeks longer to get here than just normal airmail.  In fact poor Hitty Raikes has been stuck in customs for three weeks, and if my person hadn't given up on waiting for the invoice, she still wouldn't be here!  Instead, my person drove to the depot, paid the bill and brought Hitty Raikes home yesterday, and she has been sitting quietly ever since, trying to get her bearings.  Anyway that is enough of my rambles, hopefully she will be coming to meet me very soon now...

Oh my, it is so good to meet you Hitty Patience.  Hitty Raikes exclaims, wrapping her arms around Hitty Patience.

I am so glad to see you have finally arrived safely Hitty Raikes,

Oh please, Raikes is my surname, my name is Hitty Ethel.

That is a nice name.   Hitty Patience says kindly.  Please come outside for a little walk in the garden.

Oh it is lovely out here, although the grass is rather long.  I'm fairly sure my person has hinted to the man of the house that the lawn needs mowing, but he has been rather busy today unfortunately.

Hitty Ethel likes keeping herself busy and it wasn't long before she was working at the table pouring a concoction into little jars.

Oh what are you making?  Hitty Patience asks.

Well, it is a little surprise, but I'm sure you will enjoy it with breakfast.  Hitty Ethel replies.

Can I help?  Hitty Patience asks.  I can take these to the pantry for you if you like?

Oh yes please that would be lovely, I have almost finished now.

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  1. Congrats on another Hitty! I think the Raikes Hitty dolls are very nice. I have certainly enjoyed mine quite a bit.


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