Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Some Surprises are in Store

Now if there is one thing Hitty Ethel and I like, that is a good cup of tea, morning, afternoon, or anytime of day really.  You can imagine our delight when this delightful tea set arrived for us yesterday afternoon all the way from America.

The little cloth that was sent with it when perfectly on our little table.

Ah...very pleasurable Hitty Patience, thank you for that cup of tea.

But what did the tea set arrive with?

Well this lovely little handmade cabinet that the Weathertop Hittys used to have was bought for us by our person.  Now where shall we put it?  

Come on give me a hand Hitty Ethel.

That's it, we will move it against the wall for now.

I think it will look best in a living room Hitty Patience, what do you think?

Yes indeed I think it will.  That way we can display ornaments on it, as the kitchen crockery won't really fit on it properly and it looks like it would make a lovely display cabinet.  Of course we will have to wait until our person can build us a living room, which may be some time away yet.

Now one thing you will learn about my person, as I have been learning very quickly, is that she doesn't do anything by halves!  She goes the whole way and more if at all possible and puts her heart and soul into her interests.  I can see we Hittys at Rose Cottage, are going to be one of those big interests for her.  I mean goodness, only a few weeks ago, Hitty was just a name she had seen mentioned on a few blogs over the years, but never given it any thought...then all of a sudden her interest was piqued.  I arrived, and I think, if it isn't too impertinent to say so, that I will be one of her favourites as I was her first, and she also had to bring me to life by painting me.  Now I may have a slightly startled expression at times, but that is perhaps because I was so surprised to be completed so quickly, especially being the first Hitty she has ever painted, having never painted anything before except walls in houses!  Anyway where was I?  Oh yes, I was telling you that my person doesn't do things by halves.  First it was me, then Hitty Ethel Raikes arrived, and now would you believe it, Hitty Granny Estelle has arrived from Thailand!  What she was doing there, goodness only knows, as she originated in Ireland so the story goes.  Anyway, she is here in good ol' England now and are we pleased to see her.

Hitty Ethel rushes to give her a hug. Almost knocking HItty Granny Estelle's hat off in the process.

Hitty Granny Estelle shows us her travelling trunk, complete with little draws and a special smaller trunk on which she has set her hat for now.

We insist she rests for a while and I serve her up with a cup of tea.

It doesn't take long though before she is al settled and insists she gets busy in the kitchen.

She serves us up with her signature dish of Lox and Peppers, which we have never tasted before.  It was actually rather nice.


  1. Congrats! I was watching her as well as the Duchess of Swan. I wanted the Duchess so very much, but was outbid at the very end. I love this artist' dolls! What a treasure!

  2. Oh my you guys have been busy! I love granny! She is wonderful! Do you know who carved her?


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