Sunday, 12 August 2012

In which I gain a chair and some under clothes

The last couple of days my person has been busy acting in rather an unusual way taking apart and glueing together clothes pegs.  Goodness knows what she was up to.  It took me some time to work out what she was making and was surprised to see a couple of chairs take form out of what looked like a pile of useless clothes pegs.  Aparrently she was inspired after seeing something similar in a charity shop.  The first was a  rocking chair  which was rather too larger for me really and Percival has taken possession of it as seen here

How ever the armchair was the perfect size for me.

Oh yes, this chair will do indeed.

While my person was busy making a chair, I thought I had better get busy sewing as I needed some underwear to protect my modesty.

I made myself a camisole, pantiloons...

and a petticoat/half slip.  Much better!

The pantaloons give a cheeky peek out from the hem of my dress and keep my legs warm on those cooler days.


  1. I love the chemise. Very cute. Hitty Patience, you are one lucky wooden! Also, I do indeed love the design of the rocking chair. Too bad it is too big for Hitty.

    Erin :)

  2. I made little chairs like that when my daughter was little. I put rockers on the bottom. I didn't have a pattern, but looked at a photo I got someplace.
    I love Patience's new unders. :o)


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