Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hitty Ethel's Cousin Comes to Visit

Hitty Ethel has been waiting what has felt like weeks for her cousin Hitty Annabelle to arrive from the US.  She finally got a ransom note through the post today and the Custom Pirates had her captive and would only release her on payment of £23.63!!  Well as much as she felt she shouldn't have to pay, she dearly wanted to rescue her cousin from further traumatic experiences.

Finally reunited they give each other a big hug.

The sit down...neither of them could stand, they were so giddy with excitement...

Hitty Ethel gave Hitty Annabelle a nice reviving cup of tea, while she listened to the tales of the trip over.

Hitty Ethel is dearly hoping that Hitty Annabelle will decide to stay.

Hitty Annabelle, is secretly hoping she will be able to stay as she doesn't want anymore scary adventures for quite a while!


  1. Those dratted Customs Pirates get everywhere, don't they?

    1. They certainly do! It all depends on how the packaged is labelled.

  2. So sorry about the customs pirates! I hope Hitty Annabelle gets to stay with you.

  3. I seriously need to have the PCIS Agents check out those Custom Pirates! We don't have them here in the USA...at least not that I am aware of. Welcome, Hitty Anabelle!

  4. Oh Lorraine, so sorry to hear you got robbed by customs. That's so unfair! However, it's so nice to meet Hitty Annabelle. Our Great Aunt Annabelle, age 87, lives in Maine and will enjoy this little adventure.


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