Saturday, 9 February 2013

Little Wooden Polish Doll

I'm not really sure which blog my Polish Wooden doll belongs on, but as she is wooden and a similar height to Hitty, I thought she could make an appearance here.

I told Vicki of Hittyville, that I would dress my little Polish doll this weekend.  I did make this dress, although  it was sometime last year and I made it for Hitty, but it fits her quite nicely.  Her hat was made many years ago when I was a child!

She is still waiting a name however...


  1. Here's an alphabetical list and meanings of Polish girls names:

    Something might appeal to you there. I have several great aunts from the Manchester area in England and I often name dolls or pets after them or my grandmothers. I still have one grandmother's name unaccounted for, but I'm sure she'll turn up in some doll or other.

    My two Tonner dolls are named Rue and Tansy after the plants.

  2. Yay! You did it and she looks wonderful...


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