Friday, 8 February 2013

Some more Hitty Dressmaking

Sewing works out so much better when one doesn't have a throbbing headache don't you think?

Hitty Patience was quite impressed with her Kimono and has insisted that we join in on the Kimono Swap over at Hitty Girls, so I will be signing up today.

Of course now she wants me to not only make one for the swap, but also for the other girls, plus lanterns etc...

I see that her nose has a shade of red on it.  She has been travelling around in my handbag, so I think I might work on her face again this weekend, see if I can improve her eyes now I have had more practice.

Hitty Ethel is pleased to model this greeny blue floral dress.

Whilst Hitty Moana is trying on the third.

All three girls together.


  1. So pretty! I like them all, but the greeny-blue is my favorite. :o)

  2. What a gorgeous kimono--the fabric print really works. Unbelievable work as usual Lorraine.

    That's the Paulette Morrissey pattern--I love that one, the sleeves and obi look so authentic considering the size of the doll.

    I swapped quilt blocks after answering ads in a magazine in the early 1990s. The quality was so variable, one had to be re-cut and my own fabric added it was so badly sewn, so this discouraged me from swapping. I suppose it's different if you know the group well.

  3. The Hittys all appreciate your dressmaking! ready to have a nice cup of tea.


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