Friday, 18 April 2014

Beautiful Pansies

Well we are having some fabulous Spring weather with beautiful clear blue skies, although have to admit it has been rather chilly today - okay if you are busy working but once you stop it is rather cold!

Hitty Madge and Hitty Moana went out into the garden to inspect the flowers.

They were delighted to find that the pansies are putting on a brilliant display.

Hitty Moana especially likes the fact they are purple like her dress.

Hitty Madge just loves that they are flowers, although is looking forward to when the roses start to bloom.

They are tempted to pick a few to take inside Rose Cottage to put in vases, but much prefer to see flowers growing in the garden so leave them where they are.


  1. Such joy when the flowers return - eh?
    Nice girls to leave some in the garden too...

    1. Oh it is indeed! So lovely and colourful - can't help but make you smile.

  2. Wow Hitty Madge and Hitty Moana look so Beautiful with your Gorgeous Flowers - they tend them very lovingly :)


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