Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring is in the air

That's right, spring is in the air and we have all changed into some spring/summer dresses....although actually it feels a little cooler today than it did yesterday.

Anka and Hitty Joy are going to take the dog Rufus for a walk.

Hitty Moana and myself are discussing the next book group.

Granny Hitty Estelle and Becassine Terese are trying to decide what to have for dinner and Hitty Ethel and her cousin Hitty Annabelle are having a cup of tea and a chat together.

The children Miles and Brittany have just cleaned out the rabbit

Hitty Carol Faith and Hitty Cherry Jude are enjoy a spot of time in the sunshine trying to soak up some Vitamin D


  1. Welcome back! And we finally got to break out the spring dresses today, too. After this winter, I think we've earned it.

    1. Indeed I believe we have! Lovely to have some good weather here.


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