Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Grand Plan - Viewing the Tea Room and a House Move.

Today Hitty Joyful took Hitty Granny Estelle, Hitty Ethel and Hitty Moana to see the building she had in mind for the tea room.

Hitty Ethel looks through the window.

She is very excited about what she sees

Ooh, look there is already beautiful lace trimmings around the window, she exclaims.

Look!  Hitty Joyful shows Hitty Granny Estelle.  I do believe this has already been used as a tea room in its day.  There is a little placard on the wall and also a frame for hanging a sign up.

Come on let's go inside.

They can't wait to see what the inside will be like.

Hitty Joyful tries the door.  It opens and they go inside.

Ooh just look at this space.  Hitty Granny Estelle says.  It is small, but will be very quaint and I think it will make a lovely intimate tearoom.

Hitty Joyful doesn't hear her...she is too busy looking at the knives on the wall.

Ttt..ttt...she says to herself.  These will have to go.

Meanwhile Becassine has been thinking it was high time the family moved into bigger accommodation,  she was finding it all very cramped and difficult to clean. 

She takes Hitty Cherry Jude and Hitty Annabelle to view the new property.

They all agree that it is quite suitable, but will need some decorating at some stage, but with the tearoom currently occupying most of their minds, perhaps they had just better move in for now.

They set to work moving all the furniture into the rooms.

Later that day when the others come home from viewing the prospective tearoom, they are very surprised indeed at how hard the trio have worked.

They soon make themselves at home in their new surroundings full of familiar furniture and items.

Becassine and Hitty Annabelle are exhausted after their day's work.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Hitty Carol Faith sit and have a cup of tea while Hitty Granny Estelle tells all about the tearoom she saw today.  Hitty Madge is busy fussing with the sideboard.

Hitty Cherry Jude stands quietly and watches them all pleased to see they are all happy.

Hitty Ethel immediately checks out her new sewing space and is delighted...she wants to make a design board to put on the wall in front of her sewing table.

Myself (Hitty Patience) and Hitty Joyful discuss tearoom plans...

Hitty Moana checks on Brittany and Miles to see how they have enjoyed their day.   They are happy listening to some music.

There is even a lovely little garden area for them to sit out in.


  1. I see Patience and Joyful may be planning to serve Japanese Green tea? What a great Tea Shop!

    1. Oh yes indeed, nothing better than Green tea. :-)

  2. My goodness, the Rose Cottage Dolls certainly know how to pack in the life-changes all at one time, just like the Wren Cottage Dolls! Energy and Settling-in vibes are being sent from the WCDs to their esteemed friends the RCDs! The Teashop looks darling, and the new accommodation looks wonderfully light and spacious. Decoration can always come later, it's enough space and a roof over the heads that's important to start with!

    1. Oh I know, I can hardly keep up with them...I daren't look tomorrow morning for fear that there will have been yet more changes and goings on. I'm not sure that they need any more energy though! It is me who requires it!

  3. THAT was fast!!! Your Hittys get a move on when they want something, don't they?! The tearoom has cupfuls of potential (but yes, those knives really should go, especially if Hitty Inappropriate ever comes to tea!) I like the decision to move to larger accommodation too - always wise when it comes to Hittys :-)

    1. Oh they do indeed...there is no mucking around with them. Yes I think all knives and other possibly sharp implements will have to be kept well away if Hitty Inappropriate ever comes to tea!


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