Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hitty Joyful comes up with a wonderful idea...

Hitty Joyful gathers us all together this afternoon for an announcement.

I have this fantastic idea!  She tells us all.  We listen with anticipation wondering what her wonderful idea will be.

I'm going to open a Hitty Girls tea room.  It is going to be just wonderful!  We will offer cream teas, cakes and all sorts of little sandwiches.  What do you think?  She asks us bubbling over with excitement.

Ever practical Hitty Carol Faith asks her where the tea room will be and does she have a building or 'room' in mind.

Oh of course I do!  I have seen just the property that will be absolutely perfect!  Hitty Joy excitedly announces.

She continues to tell us all about her plans, and it is not hard to be excited with and for her.

With such bubbly enthusiasm it will be a fine tea-room indeed.

She promises to take us to see the prospective property in the next day or so.


  1. Oh, My! The Quimper Hittys would like to suggest a B&B with Tea Room attached, then Hittys could come stay!

    1. Oh indeed, that sounds like a grand idea!

  2. How very exciting!!!! I LOVE watching projects like this :-)


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